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Historic V-bit Tong Making Course

   The historic V-bit tong making course is the culmination of my research over the past three years on how the industrial blacksmiths at the Cambria Iron Company in Johnstown Pa forged a V-bit tong.

   This course is incredibly detailed and a through explanation of every step of creating these tongs. When it comes to the process of forging these tongs I go over the "how", and just as importantly, the "why". With the steps, material, and tools outlined in this workshop students can create up to five sizes of strong, safe, V-bit tongs. As is the case with most of what I teach its less about the physical object however and more about the process that will empower you to continue to create after the workshop is over.

   I have learned an incredible amount about the forging process through my research on this topic and am very excited to be at a point now where I am comfortable sharing that with you all. This is an extremely well rounded exercise that uses hand forging techniques, power hammer work, striking, and a variety of tools and jigs I created to aid in the process. I hope you gain a lot of insight about creating these tongs and I'm confident no matter what your experience level is there is a lot to learn from this course.

  Join me now as I walk you step by step through creating your own industrial style V-bit tongs and have a look at the CMA classroom and the experience our students have when they come learn with us.